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Specializing in nationwide executive search, contract staffing and outplacement consulting. As part of a nationwide network of independent recruiting consultants, we are able to search the nation for the best available talent. We understand the decision-making processes of both parties. As a third party consultant, we can smooth negotiations and protect the process from untimely breakdowns or overlooked details.


About Us

Executive Recruiters Agency, Inc, Outplacement Consultants, and Aaron Lubin Consultants. 

Aaron also works as a consultant, trainer, speaker and executive coach working with individuals and organizations in helping them grow their businesses.  He has 45+ years’ experience in the recruiting industry helping organizations from Fortune 500 to small business owners. Also career counseling, and life coaching. We have a track record of success. We have worked with a variety of organizations and individuals in the U.S. and internationally – Fortune 500 companies, privately held companies, small entrepreneurial startups and public and non-profit organizations. 




Executive Coaching

Success in your career is dependent on your communication skills, establishing and maintaining relationships, managing yourself, and overcoming roadblocks to your success. Our executive coaching produces both the business results you need now, and the personal transformation that drives future success. 

Career Coaching

Your career is one of the biggest choices that you must make in your life. Whether you are beginning your career, planning to move to an upper level position, a new position, or want to evaluate your current situation. It may even be time to prepare for another career as you end another.

Life Coaching

At certain point in our lives and careers we all find ourselves needing additional encouragement, direction and guidance in order to get from where we are – to where we want to be. Working with me as your life coach, I can help you step out into your highest vision of what is possible in your life, career and relationships.

Outplacement Consulting

Business continues to undergo changes stemming from mergers, acquisitions and severe competition. Difficult personnel choices are required in department reductions and divisional reorganizations.


501-690-4608 | alubin@execrecruit.com